DSC makes a stop at Huvelin for its famous Blood Drive!


Who are they? For those who have been living under a rock lately, Donnez Sang Compter is a Lebanese NGO that promotes the cause of blood donation in Lebanon. They have created a huge network of healthy donors who are able to answer emergency calls when needed. Also, they spread awareness about their cause. You’d be surprised to find out how limited our knowledge is when it comes to blood donation (those of us not majoring in medicine of course). Who can donate? How many times a year? How does it affect the donor? Are the typical FAQ we obsess about. But we forget to ask how it will change the receiver’s life, and that is a life that will be saved. Imagine someone you love dearly that dies only because there wasn’t a matching donor available or it took too much time to find one. That’s a death that should not occur. And DSC is acting fast to make sure this situation never happens

How can we help? Each and every one of us is a potential volunteer, there’s never too many of those and they’re always needed! So just contact them and ask how you can help and when. Or you could just support the cause from the outside by buying their fundraising items like the well known blood type bracelet or the keychain etc. And of course you have to help them spread the message through social media! But most importantly, you can take up the challenge, donate and become someone’s hero!

On the 23d of October, 53 USJ students from the Huvelin campus became heroes! They donated their precious blood to the hospital of Hotel Dieu. We admire the step they took and encourage them to keep on giving. The Blood Drive that happened at the campus is one of the many DSC organises on different campuses all around Lebanon, making it easier for students to donate.

So go on, take that step and be someone’s hero!

Orla Said

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