Les indépendants, what are you waiting for?

After last year’s suspension of elections, Huvelin is without a doubt ecstatic to have this precious time of the year back. PlayStations are on one side of the campus, cupcakes and roses on the other. Polaroids everywhere! Everybody’s happy.

Or seems to be.

While most students argue with each other on politics, root for one of the teams and encourage everyone to come and vote for them on Monday the 30th, a relatively growing mass of students – “les indépendants” – sit back in silence with eyes filled with disappointment. They do not approve of politics interfering in academic related issues, nor do they understand the reason why most students actually adhere to one of the political parties.

Starting off with honesty, I personally have a political orientation and do not abstain from voting. However, I wonder what politics have to do with fixing the cafeteria, extending the library’s opening hours or whatever both teams have to offer.  How will our political leaders’ visions help us in improving Huvelin? While some people gave me multiple explanations, others couldn’t find any.

However, I ask myself: why do people complain about the way the elections are held at the university, yet no one bothers to take action? To the ones reading this, if you’re not happy with the way things are going, now is the time to move.  If you feel concerned by the words I am typing, now is the time to act. I am not, in any way, criticizing the people that do not vote or that are against the presence of political parties on our campus. Every individual is entitled to his or her own opinion.

Gather yourselves, set up a strategic plan, talk to people, coordinate with each other, and don’t stop! Other parties have built themselves from scratch; nothing stops you from doing the same.

I am personally amazed by the marvelous diversity of perceptions and mentalities we have on campus. But the sad part is that others don’t get to see it, feed off of it, learn from it.

The outcome that could result from the action that you take today can and definitely will leave its mark on the generations to come in our university.

Valeria Spagnolo

Second year law student

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