Should the new Star Wars be on your holiday watchlist?

“One of the reasons myths are such powerful narratives is that they are timeless.”

While many fans around the world race to the nearest theater to watch “Star Wars: the force awakens”, the latest entry in the iconic pop-culture franchise  , the question remains whether this movie lives up to its hype, and therefore should make it into your “movies to watch” list, considering of course those who have never seen a Star Wars movie before.

One of the best things to talk about in Star wars is how this space opera managed to cross generational boundaries and to span across generations of fans all around the globe from the first movie (1970) to “Force awakens” today.

The seventh chapter of the franchise is an idealistic destination for people from all different ages. “Force awakens” delivers a tremendous amount of new content that old fans and new ones alike will find thrilling, to say the least. Released on December 17th, it has already put its stamp on the box office record books, with a shattering opening day record of 250 million USD globally. Box office analysts have predicted this movie to be a major financial success, possibly becoming  the highest grossing movie of all Pictime. The movie is written and directed by J.J Abrams – famous for his previous work on the “Star Trek” and “Mission Impossible” franchises –  and introduces new faces to the big screen; Daisy Ridley’s performance as “Rey” received worldwide acclaim from critics and fans alike. That, while seeing some familiar faces such as Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and many more, generated waves of nostalgia.

The new movie continues the story from where it seemed to have concluded back in 1983. Taking place thirty years after the events of the sixth film, “Force awakens” still revolves around the everlasting conflict between the light side and the dark side of the Force, a mythical energy that bounds all living things, taking a different approach on the inner evil conflict. While the film’s main criticism was around being a modern remake of the original Star wars film, “The Force Awakens” finds no difficulty in successfully establishing a firm identity  of itself.

Those who don’t enjoy science fiction should reconsider with this one, for behind all the sci-fi elements and high budget visual effects, lies a galaxy of wonders. John Williams’ score for the films has become an inseparable  part of the musical repertoire, while star wars idioms were seen repeated by even the world’s most famous leaders. With its powerful narrative, the first installment of this upcoming trilogy proves to be a delight that appeases many tastes, doing justice to the saga we all love, raising many questions, leaving us hungry for more…

Anthony Farhat

Second year law student


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