Le Cinéma militant et la contre-Culture

  L’intérêt pour le cinéma militant a été suscité par la projection du film À bientôt j’éspere (Chris Marker) au Beirut Art Center (Beyrouth, Sin el Fil), au mois de septembre de cette année. Ce film documentaire porte en lui le témoignage d’une Culture marginalisée. Le passage de l’Utopie à la Révolte comme celui de la Culture à la Contre-Culture est celui qu’entreprennent de réaliser … Continuer de lire Le Cinéma militant et la contre-Culture

Mixed Reception

  Whether you were looking for a non-stop page turner, a captivating musical album, or simply an entertaining movie or videogame to bask in with a couple of friends, one of your first destinations would be online review aggregators websites such as Rotten Tomatoes, goodreads, or Metacritic… In the era of social media, these websites have played a crucial role in determining how good a … Continuer de lire Mixed Reception

The science of deduction

“Elementary my dear Watson”, is a cliché phrase that we automatically associate to non-other than the well-dressed, well-articulated charismatic yet enigmatic Englishman Sherlock Holmes, often depicted chewing on a Jamaican or a pipe, staring at the ceiling on a rocking chair amidst clouds of white fumes, and who made a name for himself by solving major crimes based on the smallest details. However, unlike the … Continuer de lire The science of deduction

Tale of a Lebanese gypsy

“It was the gypsy girl. Her voice, like her dancing and her beauty, had some indefinable and charming quality—something pure and sonorous; something, so to speak, soaring, winged…” Victor Hugo, Notre-Dame de Paris. When Hiba Tawaji, a talented Lebanese singer and actress, joined the fourth season of France’s version of The Voice, little did we know about the extent of her success or the impact … Continuer de lire Tale of a Lebanese gypsy

What is cultural appropriation?

The term has been thrown around quite a lot lately, especially after the rise of online activism. The internet is a powerful tool when utilized to its full potential; unfortunately, most social activists remain behind their keyboards, which is a decent start, but not powerful enough to make a noticeable difference. The Kardashians threw on headscarves and bindis, subsequently fans and media outlets alike lost … Continuer de lire What is cultural appropriation?

بوكيمون غو بين التقليد والتجديد … حصان طروادة الجديد؟

« البوكيمون » أو وحوش الجيب (pocket monster)، غزوا افتراضيّاً العالم الواقعيّ. ورأى العديد من الناس أنفسهم مرغمين على تحميل تطبيق بوكيمون غو، لمطاردة هذه الوحوش. فتنقّلوا من مكانٍ الى آخر بحثاً عنها، وتجمّعوا في مدنٍ عديدة من العالم ومنها بيروت (في أسواق بيروت)، ليقيموا شبكة تواصل بينهم. فالبوكيمونات باتت في كلّ مكان: في الجامع والكنيسة، على الطريق وفي المستشفيات، في مجالس النواب وفي منازلهم. …والقبض عليهم … Continuer de lire بوكيمون غو بين التقليد والتجديد … حصان طروادة الجديد؟

Les vestiges de notre passé… tombés dans l’oubli.

  Le sol libanais est parsemé de monuments qui témoignent de notre passé. De Tyr au Akkar, de Beyrouth à Anjar, les monuments historiques se disséminent sur le territoire de notre patrie ; la terre des pères. Nos pères qui ont, depuis des millénaires, creusé roches et sarcophages, bâti villes,  citadelles, tombes, et temples. Cependant, on ne peut cacher au visiteur le spectacle désolant de ces … Continuer de lire Les vestiges de notre passé… tombés dans l’oubli.