The Hacking Syndicate

“THE CORRUPT FEAR US · THE HONEST SUPPORT US · THE HEROIC JOIN US.”~ ANONYMOUS   Ever since the emergence of global networks, a new era for mankind was set: An era mostly known for its online revolution, where people connect and share information from all around the world using social networks; but also an era where wars no longer require firearms and military training … Continuer de lire The Hacking Syndicate


Cyberwarfare is defined as being “wars conducted in and from computers and the networks connecting them, waged by States or their proxies against other States”. Even though many other definitions can be found for this word, there is no legal definition for it. Cyberwarfare often does not make it to the big news headlines. We have to look for updates on those specific events in order to stay informed. The … Continuer de lire Cyberwarfare